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grupokaybee currently incorporates eighteen offices in sixteen countries covering a portfolio ranging from lifestyle and consumer products such as textiles, home furnishings, apparel and packaged food to industrial products such as yarn, fiber, steel and tires. 

The group's knowledge of international markets, over 50 years of extensive sourcing experience and extensive transnational operations make it uniquely placed to provide optimal purchasing options for today's diversified, globalized markets. 

Constantly breaking new ground and seeking new business opportunities, grupokaybee has been pioneers in markets as varied as Latin America, Africa and Eastern Europe. By taking a growth-centered approach and embracing the possibilities that a multicultural, connected world brings, the company aims to take things forward with passion, hard work and self-confidence.

With a well-established network of suppliers, buyers and partnerships that traverse borders and bridge cultures, grupokaybee provides one-stop supply chain solutions tailored to meet the needs of individual clients. Connecting discerning buyers with quality-conscious suppliers, the company has always been committed to delivering cost-efficient sourcing, robust logistics and on-time distribution across the entire value chain. With a wide and inclusive vision and the highest operating standards, grupokaybee is completely focused on being a leader in its field.

By being a strong proponent of free trade and the seamless flow of ideas, grupokaybee has been able to capitalize on a uniquely multicultural heritage, freely incorporating best practices from across the world and creating an organization that continues to add value across the entire chain of exchange.
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