Life at grupokaybee 

Combining the cohesiveness of a family with the efficiency of a modern organisation, grupokaybee offers its staff a unique work environment as well as myriad opportunities.   

Every empowered member of the team is not only an active stakeholder, but an independent entrepreneur as well. Professionally managed and guided by a coherent business road-map, the organisation allows driven talents to mature into dynamic business leaders.

With the group's 50-year legacy across an extended international network that includes key emerging markets in Asia, Africa and Latin America, its insistence on a multicultural and inclusive way of workinga nimble management style, much of grupokaybee's success has been built upon team work and global collaboration. In fact, one of the company’s main achievements has been the longevity of its employees. 

Teams in each country also enjoy the presence of both local and expatriate managers, providing a right blend of local knowledge and global practices. This has ensured that all stakeholders in the group's operations, including customers or vendors, will always be able to tap into the long experience and diverse knowledge that is available across the entire business.

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New Address wef Monday, 25th Mar 2019 as follows: KAYBEE PVT. LTD. 305-306  more
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