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grupokaybee is a unique company that combines the values of a family business with the professionalism of a large multinational enterprise.

Our history provides us with a great platform to balance the present with the future, and to continuously grow in a constantly changing world. This has been made easier by the tremendous talent, energy and teamwork of the people who work for the group, many of whom have been with the company for over two or three decades.

For an employee, grupokaybee offers an unparalleled opportunity for an exciting life-long career.

For a supplier, grupokaybee offers unprecedented access to markets at a very low cost.

For a client, grupokaybee offers sourcing solutions for several product lines from multiple countries.

For everyone, grupokaybee represents a competitive, ethical and committed partner in progress.

We believe that the fundamental values that have shaped us will continue to provide us with growth and enrich those who work with us.
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