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grupokaybee recently celebrated its 50th birthday. The long road to this point with its many milestones could not have been so successfully covered without the energy and dedication of the many people who have given so much to the company over the years.

The humble beginning of our flagship was a small office in Osaka, established for the export of textiles from Japan to India. Today, over five decades later, it is a matter of great pride that we have not only successfully navigated a sometimes turbulent business environment, but also enjoyed steady, consistent growth. The group's many offices now stretch across the world, embracing diversity,shared values and strong vision.

Today we are building a workforce in keeping with a global and diverse marketplace, to better serve our clients and capture an even greater share of opportunities ahead. The future will be a challenge and will involve not only being an active agent of change, but also having a vision for the future and shaping ideas to make that vision come true. Our past success have not been by chance and our future success will grow on our strong foundations of stability and profitability.

No matter what changes and challenges lay ahead, our shared business values and vision, and our commitment to reach even greater peaks of success will continue to remain the hallmark of our group for the next 50 years.
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