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1958 – 1965
-   Impressed with the Japanese work ethic and discipline Mr. Kumar Chand establishes grupokaybee in Japan
in 1958.
-   Business in early 60s included export out of Japan, primarily to Middle-east markets.
1965 – 1975
-   Trade liberalization encouraged grupokaybee to extend their operations in various Central and South American countries.
-   grupokaybee expands its business and taps into vast potential that electronics from Japan provided in 70s.
1975 – 1985
-   To complement the fast growth and increasing demand for Asian goods, grupokaybee establishes itself in various Asian countries, including Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan and Singapore.
-   Annual revenue reaches US$100 million.
1985 – 1995
-   grupokaybee expands its sourcing operations in China, Indonesia, India
and Thailand.
-   Operations in West and South Africa starts.
1995 – 2005
-   Diversified into Fiber, Apparel and Home Décor products.
-   grupokaybee introduces own brand of fabric to Latin American markets.
-   An in-house product development team is established.
-   grupokaybee launches its own food brand, Vegafoods, under Chief Executive Officer Mr. Vikram Chand.
-   An IT Team was formed to counter the challenges posed by a growing organisation.
-   ERP application was implemented to automate various business and back-office tasks.
-   grupokaybee moves its headquarters to Singapore.
-   Annual revenue reaches US$300 millioin
2005 - till now
-   grupokaybee continue to grow in diverse product segments, introduces own brand of Tyres, Miyuki.
-   Steel is added to its vast product portfolio, targeted at Africa and Central American countries.
-   Mr. Govind Karunakaran is appointed as Chief Executive Officer of grupokaybee.
-   Global revenue surpasses US$400 million.
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