Our Strengths

Global Presence
Our global presence allows us to buy and sell a wide variety of products to customers from a variety of different markets such as Latin America, Africa and Asia.

Competitive Sourcing
We have a strong network to source products from Fibre to Fabrics from various countries in Asia including China and manufacture garments at low cost locations such as Bangladesh, Vietnam, India and Indonesia. This provides our clients large options to choose from and ensure cost effectiveness with guaranteed quality and timely delivery.

Personalised and Innovative Solutions
We believe in continuously Improving and are committed to generating value and innovating for each customer in every aspect of their supply chain requirements; specifically Sourcing, Quality Control, Logistics and Distribution.

Diverse Product Portfolio
Combining access to reliable networks and an innovative outlook, we continue to hone our core offering new and diverse products from Yarn, Textile, Apparel, Home Décor, Steel, Tyres and Packaged Food with a variety of value-added services.

We take great pride in our people and work, where individuals enjoy opportunities to share, learn and grow. By embracing diversity and inclusiveness, we empower our people to lead, combining the group’s considerable multinational experience with an in-depth knowledge of local conditions.