Garments are a key pillar of Grupokaybee’s operations and the company offers extensive collections of attractively styled, commercially viable fashion apparel for men, women and children.

The company’s network in the textile supply chain, offer its apparel clients a unique advantage in that the Yarn divisions raw material knowledge and experience, combine with the Fabric divisions latest range of fabrics, to provide innumerable fashion and pricing options to meet the needs of a variety of clients.

Clients can also make use of the group’s extended reach and immediate access to a vast network of trusted and approved suppliers across Asia, as well as a multi-country sourcing strategy to overcome tariff barriers and address specific needs. The division’s offices in China, Indonesia, Bangladesh and India bring clients from South America, South Africa, the US and Europe closer to product sources.

The Kaybee Edge

Grupokaybee offers integrated end-to-end one-stop supply solutions that address every aspect of a client’s requirements, from sourcing and quality control to logistics and distribution. The company in-house design and product development team constantly provide new options and ideas for its clients to tap into.

With a global business outlook and a strong culture of benchmarking international fashion and forecasts trends, Grupokaybee provides a range of value-added services that provide the competitive edge to its worldwide customers.