Food and Beverages

Vega Foods owns and markets a variety of food and beverage brands. Vega, started as a home-grown brand has matured into a key brand across different food categories.

Vega is supported by a host of other brands: Super Saver, Pavani, Okaki, Quick Chef, Splash, Brakerz and Choc-it.

Vega Food delivers the best of everyday eating, be it pasta, dairy products, seasoning, canned foods, confectionary, beverages or snacks. Vega Foods commitment to quality has won over the hearts of millions. In Africa alone, more than a dozen people are enjoying Vega Foods every second.

We have an acute sense of local tastes and markets as well as an unwavering dedication to satisfy customers. Our vision for the future : to put Vega Foods on as many kitchen shelves as possible knowing that our consumers have ready access to their favourite food and beverage.

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